About Efrem Construction Co

A Little History About Efrem Construction Co

Efrem Construction Company Inc. was established in 1982 by Efrem Eyvazov. After working in the trade for several years Efrem formed his own company specializing in custom home construction.

Efrem’s son Paul has since joined in his father’s work after graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2000. Throughout the years, Efrem Construction and its crew have completed many custom built homes, additions, remodels, and remoldings throughout the peninsula.

Construction Affordability

With having such a varied and versatile approach towards our residential & commercial construction coverage, establishing options concerning costs or pricing that was equally diverse and accommodating was absolutely essential. Having been one of the leading contributors to the local construction & renovation industry here in San Mateo County, California, we've had the great fortune to help a myriad of customers and property owners alike with many different construction necessities; often under-promising and over-delivering on the construction cost versus the construction services rendered, balance! We take pride in accommodating our local communities and clientele; regardless of the size, scale, or complexity their construction needs.

Construction Availability

Taking into account that certain accidents or misfortunes are bound to happen, such as a sudden influx of inclement weather that leaves your windows, driveways, and patios littered with debris and detritus, it can be tremendously beneficial to become better acquainted with our company, Efrem Construction Co. With our punctual services and open availability, chances are if your property is in need of professional construction services such as deck installation & design or renovation interior features such as a kitchen or bathroom, our in-house construction specialists are able to tackle even the toughest of jobs in a timely fashion around your schedule!

Construction Application

One of the biggest challenges that green or untested construction companies are faced with is the proper implementation of the correct construction services/applications for a particular construction problem. For instance, with a specialty flooring and cabinetry system, it might be best to use a less invasive/aggressive installation application to ensure minimization of setbacks; especially if there is a custom finish to the system or specialized trim work. Regardless of the particular construction issue, chances are that our construction experts here at Efrem Construction Co have either rectified something similar in the past or we can apply our decades of construction experience towards a speedy resolution. Either way, we always welcome the challenge of a new property/construction-need as much as we welcome revisiting old "conquests", so to speak!

Construction Adaptability

In our decades of serving our local cities here in San Mateo County, California, we've discovered that each property we are responsible for remodeling or constructing, (whether it be ensuring the windows are sound, and leak-free or the decking is uncluttered and navigable), is as unique and diversified as the client requesting the construction services. As such, we've made it a perpetual goal that is all-encompassing and company-wide to ensure that our construction coverage & capacities are imbued with enough flexibility to follow suit. Furthermore, with such an open approach towards offering our construction services, many of our clients routinely take advantage by "doubling-up" or bundling; often combining our top-notch interior renovation services with an upgrade to their home’s exterior features, such as a decking system or new patio.