Family & Living Room Coverage

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Time spent enjoying the holidays with your family; a child's shaky, yet determined, first steps; the feeling when your team won the big game - all cherished memories that are typically associated with your home's living room/family room. While each memory and the fondness in which they are remembered is different from one living room to the next family room, the qualities and general appeal are much the same: greatly centered around a welcoming ambiance and an emphasis on comfortable amenities. With that being said, our in-house remodeling and renovation specialists are well-versed in a variety of revitalization methods and construction techniques that are both innovative and inclusive to ensure that each and every moment spent in your new living room/family room is absolutely brimming with comfort and teaming with monumental memories!

Professional Kitchen Services

Complete/Partial Overhauls | Custom Renovations | Luxury (Re)Designs

A home's kitchen, for all intents and purposes, is largely viewed as the hub of the home and where most residents spend a fair portion of their time. Ranging from fixing supper and washing dishes to hosting dinner parties and overseeing the children's academic studies, a home's kitchen is a haven for activity; however, modernization and upgrading appliances and key features is something that many homeowners postpone, procrastinate, or ignore altogether. (Unfortunately, much to the detriment of the welcoming presence, aesthetic appeal, and the often overlooked, monetary value, of the home overall.) There is an affordable and reliable solution for those homeowners who are seeking to revamp their home's kitchen through a professional remodel or tasteful renovation: us here at Efrem Construction Co!

Professional Bathroom Services

Complete/Partial Overhauls | Custom Renovations | Luxury (Re)Designs

Considering that, on based on consumer reports, the average household (3+ tenants) in the United States of America spends at least one full hour per day, every day, in their bathroom either grooming, bathing, or relieving themselves, having a bathroom that is visually pleasing as well as featuring modern amenities and accommodations is an endeavor that every homeowner should aspire towards. Whether it's updating the hardware and fixtures, such as light switches, canned/recessed/custom lighting, & paint scheme or completely renovating the crucial aspects and elements, such as the bathtub, shower, toilet, his/her sinks, vanity, and cabinetry; the possibilities are only limited by the desires of the homeowner and the budget which they establish for their bathroom project.

We Put The "Pro" In Property Coverage!

Interior Trim & More!

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Adding that little extra aesthetic appeal and visual stimulation has never been easier than before when our fellow property owners and local residents here in San Mateo County, California consider taking full advantage of our extensive trim work and interior upgrade services! Having been in the construction industry for nearly four decades(and still going strong!), we've had to tackle various interior trim work projects on larger scaled properties as well as smaller, more intimately sized homes in order to ensure our valued clients and local homeowners are receiving the first-rate coverage we have become renowned for. (Especially regarding our noteworthy repairs to interior trim, installation of pre-approved trim work, and fully-customizable trim work options!)

New Construction Services

Property Additions | Custom Homes | Room Conversions

Establishing a solid foundation, both literally and metaphorically, for a new family or beginning anew with a fresh start in a fresh home notwithstanding; the construction of a new home, house, or private estate is a monumental achievement and true milestone for most anyone that should be revered and celebrated as such. From assessing the job site & mapping the design/layout, to permitting and mediation between city officials & private contractors and finally wrapping up with labor, scheduling, and construction; each phase requires finesse and efficacy from the party that is managing the particular new construction project if the likelihood of success and the overall satisfaction of the homeowner is to be earned. With that being said, it is our company-wide goal, (from the initial meet and greet regarding the new construction project until the final inspection is passed, and the "keys are cut"), to fulfill all the necessary roles(and then some!) that are instrumental towards completing a new construction project for a residential home punctually and successfully!

Exterior Construction Services

Decking | Patios | Gazebos | Porches | Outdoor Living | Water Features

Much like the focus on quality and the emphasis on visual appeal and aesthetics are inherently present in our interior upgrades and home improvement services, our coverage concerning residential property exteriors is equally coveted for consistency and steadfast inclusion of precisely what the customer is seeking when they are upgrading their home's exterior. Adhering to our "all-inclusive" and "well-rounded" approach towards providing our property services, we are proud to offer a wealth of new construction, renovation, remodeling, and upgrade options for a multitude of exterior features and elements; often including but never restricted to the following areas: patios, decking, porches, outdoor kitchens/features, as well as fire/water features such as fire pits and water fountains. If you have additional questions regarding our extensive coverage for upgrading a home's exterior elements or would like to schedule a complimentary, on-site assessment, please feel free to reach out to us directly!

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